How to Install an Android App that is Not Available in Google's Play Store

Did Google recently remove an app that you use on your Android smart phone from its Play Store? Fret not. More than likely, you can search online for an alternative location from where you can download and install the app. Hopefully, that location is hosted by the developers who make and maintain your choice app. If you are unsure about who/what is hosting that download URL for your app, please take a little time to also search online about that download URL or find reviews; you definitely do not want to inadvertently download something nefarious. And when you search online, don't use Google. Remember, they're the punks who are making it inconvenient for you to install what YOU WANT to use on YOUR PHONE that YOU BOUGHT with YOUR MONEY. Or maybe it was given to you. Either way, it's YOUR PHONE now, not Google's.

When you decide to click on the download URL for the app, first, you need to tell your phone that it is OK to download apps using the web browser. Because my Android phone, which is a Samsung A50, uses Android 10, the following instructions are specifically geared to Android 10 phones; however, the instructions may work on other Android versions, too.

First, go to your Settings and select Apps.

Next, tap on the web browser app that you use. For this example, knowing that most people use this browser on their Android phones, not that this is my smart phone browser of choice, we will use Chrome.

Then, scroll down to the Install unknown apps option and select it.

After that, tap on the slider next to Allow from this source to enable that option.

At this point, you can open Chrome, find the alternative download URL for the app that you want to install, and tap on that URL. The website for the app will probably have a form that asks you which Android version you are using before providing the actual download link for the app's installation file, which will end with the file extension ".apk". When you then tap on the link to download and install this ".apk" file for the app, your Android phone will likely warn you about doing so. It's OK. Believe it or not, Google does not always know what is best for you. Install the app and enjoy!